President Trump and Visions for America



Harold Heie: Senior Fellow, The Colossian Forum (TCF)

Pivoting to Face-to-Face Conversations

The previous conversations hosted on this website have featured electronic exchanges ( eCircles – See Previous Conversations).

This conversation is face-to-face, involving eight “conversation partners” who are local residents of Sioux County, Iowa, equally divided between Christians who are “general” supporters of President Trump and Christians who situate themselves as “general” non-supporters of President Trump (the qualifier “general” indicates that none of the conversation partners indicated that they agree, or disagree, with everything that President Trump says or does).


Christians have significant disagreements in their visions for the future of America and the extent to which President Trump is facilitating, or not, the accomplishment of their respective visions. In that light, the purposes of this series of conversations are:

  • To present the initial reflections of eight “conversation partners” as to their respective visons for the future of America and the extent to which President Trump is, or is not, facilitating the accomplishment of their visions.
  • To follow-up initial reflections with ongoing conversations intended to uncover areas of agreement and illuminate areas of disagreement.
  • To model “respectful conversations” among conversation partners as they sort through their agreements and disagreements.