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How Should We Vote?

Finally, we should vote in hope. Like many of my correspondents, I am not enthused about the options before voters in November. Over the long run, I’d love to consider how structural changes to our electoral system might provide better choices. Yet I know in politics what I also know to be true in the rest of life: that Christ is risen. A politics of the resurrection means that the long, slow work of pursuing justice is not a work in vain, and that even a choice between two less-than-sterling candidates is still a choice that has kingdom significance. Politics is messy, and American politics is particularly so, but the kingdom hope that is found in the resurrection can carry Christians through the messiness of campaigns, into the voting booth, and on into the rest of their political lives.

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Loving Our Neighbors, Politically

...I too see charity to be a primary responsibility of the church. Indeed the church that fails in the task of mercy fails in a task that Jesus himself saw as central to the gospel. But charity is not the only way we demonstrate love for our neighbors. We also owe our neighbors justice. To love our neighbor is not only to extend him or her charity; it is also to see that justice is done for our neighbor. And conversations about justice will necessarily lead to conversations about the state, as the state is precisely the institution charged with the task of doing public justice...

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Economic Justice as Moral Duty

Let me begin with my main claim: the fact that poverty continues to be found within America is an offence against the Gospel. The existence of pervasive poverty--46 million people, according to the Census Bureau--in a country as wealthy as the United States is not something that is merely sad or unfortunate or unpleasant, but more than all these, it is something immoral: it violates norms, founded in Scripture, concerning how human beings living in stable societies should care for each other.

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Seeking Peace, Seeking Justice: Iran and Syria

The moral questions suggested by Syria and Iran are quite different in my view, and for that reason the moral considerations in each case are also different.

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Moral Principles and Moral Courage

As I have followed the national budget debate over the past twelve months or so, I have been struck by the ways that the arguments are framed morally. Today, it has become commonplace to declare that the budget is a “moral” document, that as a statement of the nation’s economic priorities, it makes decisions that are moral by their very nature, both in themselves and in their consequences.

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