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Loving Our Neighbors, Politically

...I too see charity to be a primary responsibility of the church. Indeed the church that fails in the task of mercy fails in a task that Jesus himself saw as central to the gospel. But charity is not the only way we demonstrate love for our neighbors. We also owe our neighbors justice. To love our neighbor is not only to extend him or her charity; it is also to see that justice is done for our neighbor. And conversations about justice will necessarily lead to conversations about the state, as the state is precisely the institution charged with the task of doing public justice...

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Religious Liberty, The Secular State, and a Third Way

The United States is one of the oldest democracies in the world and prides itself on being among the founders of modern day Human Rights. Yet, since before the signing of America’s constitution, ideological armies have dug their trenches and taken up arms on one side or the other of the debate over religion and its proper relationship to the United States Government. The fight began before Madison ever drafted The Constitutional Bill of Rights.

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