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Current Topic (#9): Healthcare in America (May 2018)

Leading Questions: Is healthcare a public good that everyone has a “right” to (and therefore government has a role to play in securing that “right” for everyone) or is healthcare a private good; a “privilege” that is primarily the responsibility of each individual with minimal governmental assistance? What are the problems with the healthcare system in America? How can the present healthcare system be improved? Is there a Christian perspective that can inform such improvement?

Conversation Partners: 

  • Clarke Cochran, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Texas Tech University & Former Vice President for Mission Integration at Covenant Health in Lubbock, Texas 
    • Essay: Due May 1st
    • Response to Jeff Hammond: Due May 10th
    • Response to Jeff Hammond: Due May 20th
  • Jeff Hammond, Associate Professor of Law, Jones School of Law, Faulkner University 
    • Essay: Due May 1st
    • Response to Clarke Cochran: Due May 10th
    • Response to Clarke Cochran: Due May 20th

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