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Topic #1: Talking Past each Other or Worse

In preparation for a conversation about the possibility of a “Christian Approach to Political Discourse” (subtopic A2), we will first analyze the current dismal state of political discourse, as illustrated by the reactions of two conversation partners to two reports (presented below) on a recent political news story: One report from a left-leaning commentator and one report from a right-leaning commentator.

Leading Questions: What are the goals of these reports? What audiences are they appealing to? What rhetorical tools are being employed? What do you find to be helpful in these reports? What do you criticize in these reports?

  • Jeff VanDerWerff, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern College, Iowa
    • Essay: September 1
    • Response to Kim Van Es: Due September 10
    • Response to Kim Van Es: Due September 20
  • Kim Van Es, Chair, Sioux County (Iowa) Democrats
    • Essay: September 1
    • Response to Jeff VanDerWerff: Due September 10
    • Response to Jeff VanDerWerff: Due September 20

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Reader Comments (1)

Love this effort. While both sides of an opinion disagree, healthy debate is supported by facts which can be discussed, weighed, vetted for relevancy, etc. Resorting to verbal or physical battle represents the disengagement of brain power and engagement of varying forms of bullying.

August 29, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Draine

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