Alternative Political Conversation Book: Abilene Christian University Press has announced the January 2014 release of a book authored by Harold Heie. Titled Evangelicals on Public Policy Issues: Sustaining a Respectful Political Conversation, this book presents a synthesis of the postings on the “Alternative Political Conversation” on this web site.  Click here for the book flyer.

American Evangelicalism: Present Conditions, Future Possibilities

"Evangelicalism" is highly contested. What is it? How should it interact with other Christian traditions, other religions, and the broader society? How is it faring? What is its future? This online conversation provides a welcoming space for engaging such questions and for respectful disagreement. We hope that some clarity will emerge that can inform future expressions of Evangelicalism in America.

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AE Topic Index

Topic #1: Evangelicalism and the Broader Christian Tradition 

Topic #2: Evangelicalism and the Exclusivity of Christianity

Topic #3: Evangelicalism and the Modern Study of Scripture 

Topic #4: Evangelicalism and Morality

Topic #5: Evangelicalism and Politics

Topic #6: Evangelicalism and Scientific Models of Humanity and Cosmic and Human Origins

Topic #7: Evangelicalism and Higher Education

Topic #8: The Future of American Evangelicalism