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Christian Faithfulness and Human Sexuality 

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Churches and the LGBT Community (February 2016))

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Case Study Conversations Regarding LGBT Issues at Christian Institutions of Higher Education and Within Churches and Denominations (March 2016)

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Current Conversation: Christian Faithfulness and Human Sexuality

Current Topic: Churches and the LGBT Community (February 2016)

Leading Question: Different Christian churches have taken various positions relative to their engagements with LGBT individuals, a number of which are variations of the following general categories:

  • Welcoming but not affirming
  • Welcoming and affirming
  • Accepting, without taking a position relative to “welcoming” and/or “affirming” because the theological issues are “disputed matters” and we agree to allow disagreement

How do you recommend that churches engage with LGBT individuals and why?"


Topic #1: Voices from the Gay Community (July 2015)

Leading Question: What are your beliefs about morally appropriate relationships between persons who experience same-sex attraction?


Topic #2: Biblical Understandings (August 2015)

Leading Question: What is your understanding of biblical/theological teachings relevant to issues being raised by Christians who identify themselves as members of the LGBT community?


Topic #3: Biology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (September 2015)

Leading Question: What is your understanding of the best findings from the academic disciplines of biology, anthropology, psychology and sociology relative to same-sex attraction, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior for human beings?



Harold Heie: Christian Values Underlying Respectful Conversations About LGBT Issues.


Topic #4: Constitutional Framework for Dealing with Public Policy Issues (October 2015)

Leading Question: How should the U. S. Constitution inform Christian thinking about public policy issues in America?


Topic #5: Same-Sex Marriage: Pluralism (November 2015)

Leading Question: Given the pluralistic nature of American society, what stance should Christians take relative to public policy for or against same-sex marriage?

Adding a Third Conversation Partner

Dear Readers: I had not anticipated that our two conversation partners for our current topic (Julia and Mikael) would have so much public policy agreement (see their initial November 1 postings).

So, in keeping with our conversation goal to present and discuss differing views on each of our nine topics, Julia, Mikael and I have agreed to proceed in a different manner for the rest of this November conversation.

Adam MacLeod from the Jones School of Law at Faulkner University, who has a different view than Julia or Mikeal as to whether “allowing same-sex marriage is good public policy,” has agreed to join the remainder of our November conversation as a third “conversation partner.”

This mid-course adjustment changes the format for the rest of November to the plan that is described below.

-Harold Heie


Topic #6: Anti-Discrimination Laws (December 2015)

Leading Question: Both states and the federal government have anti-discrimination laws relating to employment, housing and consumer protection for members of the LGBT community. Should faith-based institutions, both non-profit and for-profit, be eligible for exemption from these laws?

Topic #7: Voices from Younger Christians (January 2016)

Leading Question: Due to a perceived “generation gap,” some Christians wonder whether present controversies relating to faith and LGBT issues will “fade away” as a younger generation moves into positions of influence in both faith-based and secular institutions. As a member of this younger generation, how do you view the future relative to LGBT issues in American society in general and in Christian churches in particular?